What The Escort Scene Is All About

If you have never booked an escort then you might be wondering whats it's all about. Why do people, largely men, book the services of an escort and what do they get out of it? What sort of women become escorts? And do they do it just for the money? Well read on and we'll try and enlighten you!

There is no doubt that the largest number of clients for escorts are men and that the largest number of escorts are women. Since this is a bit of a grey area, it's hard to be precise about exactly what is going on and we can only comment from the perspective of running an escort agency and what we observe about clients.

The first thing we noticed when we started running our escort agency was that business always dropped off in school holidays. This is true for the summer holiday, Easter holiday and the half term breaks, although not so obvious at Christmas. This might lead us to assume that the majority of the gents who meet up with our escorts are family men who during holiday times are spending time with their children rather than with our escorts! Of course, sometimes it will just be because people have gone away on holidays themselves, although this wouldn’t seem to account for the big difference we notice in bookings by itself.

Running an escort agency in a large city it's also clear that many of the gentlemen who use the services of our escorts are travelling businessmen, but not exclusively so. There are of course our regular clients who live locally and just enjoy spending time with our gorgeous escorts!

When it comes to why women work as escorts there are a multitude of reasons and it's hard to pin it down to just one. Yes, if you are a successful escort the money is very attractive. A good escort can earn thousands a week, if she feels so inclined, for working just a few hours a day. There aren't many jobs where you can do that. But of course it does take a certain type of person to work as an escort and this isn't the job for everyone.

Age is also a factor. The majority of escorts, in our experience are in their 20s with a few starting at 18 or 19 and continuing. At our agency we have a handful of escorts in their 30s but we do know of some escort agencies who have many ladies in the 40s and even 50s who enjoy a regular number of bookings. Many of our younger escorts are intelligent girls, supplementing their income whilst they are studying perhaps. Some just work as escorts because they see it as a lucrative job. Most don't want to do it for very long, and if they are sensible they can save a good deal of money and move on to some other type of work in the future. Unfortunately it's all too easy to get used to spending the money they earn on designer clothes and other luxuries, and hard to give up that lifestyle.

There are of course many different types of escort and the escort scene is as varied as it can be. Apart from what might be termed a straight female escort, there are those that cater to clients looking for something away from the norm. This might be role play, a fetish of some kind, or domination. Independent escorts in particular seem to cater more for these services than those that work through an escort agency. Bisexual female escorts are also extremely popular and gentlemen often want to experience spending time with two women to fulfil a few fantasies!

As well as female escorts that cater for gentlemen there has been a rise in the number of male escorts hoping to attract female clients. This hasn't really taken off, as women seem less inclined to book an escort, although some male escorts are finding work with couples wanting to experience a threesome. The gay male escort is also gaining in popularity, and there is a market for transsexual escorts and just about every other variation you can think of.

In summing up the current escort scene in the UK we would say that it's alive and well! The industry is becoming more professional in most cases, which has to be a good thing, and business is thriving. There is no shortage of ladies wanting to join the escort industry and the demand from clients doesn't seem to be slowing down. Even in these tight economic times, escorts are still able to charge a decent sum for their services and therefore enjoy a good standard of living. It's highly unlikely that the escort industry is going to disappear.