Dubai Escorts

The Dubai Escort Scene

When you think about the escort industry Dubai may not be the first place that comes to mind! However, perhaps it should be. There is certainly a very active and lively escort scene in the country and in particular in Dubai city. The escorts here are a varied bunch, coming from all parts of the world to enjoy the lifestyle and earn money as an escort at the same time.

Dubai has a special place in the world of escorts. It is very much considered a touring hot spot for fabulous escorts from across the globe. What does this mean? Well it means that quality escorts from many countries, including the UK, America, Russia and Asia, come here for short periods of time. These escorts see the trip to Dubai as a mixture of holiday and work. There's no doubt that these particular Dubai Escorts have got their heads screwed on when it comes to business.

What are the attractions for an escort of coming to Dubai? Well there is the fantastic shopping! A high class escort loves to dress well but is savvy enough to realise that if she can get her hands on designer clothes for less that she would pay at home, the trip is going to be worthwhile. As well as clothes the girls will stock up on perfumes and other accessories.

The weather is also fantastic all year round and Dubai has wonderful hotels with superb leisure facilities. The escorts can enjoy some pampering that's for sure. There is also a lively night life to be enjoyed here with top clubs and bars and fine dining too.

Perhaps one of the other attractions of coming to work in Dubai as an escort is that fact that the guys there will be earing substantial incomes. Sometimes there may be the hope that a girl will meet her Mr Right in Dubai and be able to give up her escorting work. Whilst that may well happen, it's not something we've got any evidence of and it may just be a fantasy - but hey, you never know do you?

Ladies who come to visit Dubai are usually top escorts in their own countries. The competition amongst Dubai escorts I high and fees are therefore pretty reasonable although of course there are some top class and exclusive ladies charging well above the average.

For clients one of the great things about escorts in Dubai is that there is huge variety! There are girls here from all over the world so if you have a hankering to spend some quality time with top class Russian Escorts in Dubai you won't have any trouble finding the woman of your dreams! As well as being of many different nationalities, there is even more variety when it comes to looks. Beautiful, blonde bombshells, sizzling brunettes as well as busty babes are all here. The vast majority of Dubai Escorts seem to be in the mid 20s, but you will find a few teens at 18 or 19 and certainly some more mature escorts in their 30s.

How do you go about booking one of these hot hunnies? Well it's just like it is in any country. Use the internet! You'll find there are some great escort directories that cover Dubai. On a directory you can often search by category, for example, blonde, brunette, etc., or by nationality, for example, Asian, English. This makes your task a lot simpler, because there are a lot of girls in Dubai to choose from! A good directory will have the escort's contact details clearly advertised and may also have a link to the girls own website. It's just a case of browsing around the directory until you find a girl you like the look of then giving her a call.

Touring escorts should be publishing their dates in the country on their profile advert. If they are not on the directory site then they should be on their own website, so if they have one, make sure you click through and check when they will be in town. Escorts will usually advertise their presence a couple of weeks before they travel so that they can make some arrangements in advance rather than wait until they arrive in Dubai. Twitter is also a great way to keep abreast of which escorts are around at any given time. If you go to Dubai Escorts Directory you can follow their Twitter account and get notified when escorts are arriving in the city.

Escorts are a very familiar sight in Dubai, especially in the summer when most guys wives have gone back home to avoid the heat! They are usually very distinguishable from wives! It's an unwritten rule that guys don't talk about what other guys get up to when their wives are away. It's one of the reasons the escort scene thrives in the city.